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Maui Cooking Class, Maui Private Chef and Maui Catering Services

My cooking class, Chez Klio, celebrated its 10-year anniversary in March 2020. Then the world was hit by the chaos of Covid-19 and I had to shut the class down unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, I won’t reopen my kitchen again. My kitchen is full of wonderful memories of people who love food and dogs! Sometimes, huge amounts of laughter and sometimes, it was so quiet you could hear only the sounds of chopping and slicing vegetables “ shuku, shuku, shuku……”

I miss every single moment. Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful experience with you.

Some good news, Covid-19 gave me time to finalize my second book of recipes!

This book is full of my memories of flavor. These came while traveling with my late husband Pierre and while studying the art of cooking in China and India. I came home to my kitchen each time to merge these memories into this collection for you. I also made a special chapter I call, “Mothers’ Recipes.”

The book contains over 119 recipes with vivid, delicious photos. You can order by sending your preferred shipping address to and ask for the second cookbook. The price is $25 + USPS shipment. I’ll send you details.

Private Chef Services and Private Hands-on cooking classes at your place are available. More details, please contact by email.

Yasko Langeron


Chef Yasko was born in Japan and traveled to many different countries searching for magnificent flavors. There she honed her skills and created her own cuisine based on Japanese cooking influenced by South to North Asian, Moroccan and French cuisines.

Maui Cooking Classes:

If you have a kitchen, I will bring all of the specialized equipment. You will learn simple home style Classic, Asian Fusion and Hawaiian Cuisine in this hands-on class. The class will start at around 2:00 pm. You will learn 3 different dishes and enjoy Yasko's dessert. See this website for images from previous classes. Choose your course from here.

Classes are held for two to six people or as your space allows. Feast on your creations at the lesson's end!

Maui Private Chef:

Treat yourself to a luxurious dinner. Private Chef Yasko will create and serve your meal in the privacy of your home or party place. Indulge in the luxury of having a Private Chef cook for you, your friends and family. Focus on your meal and party and let Private Chef Yasko do the rest. You will discuss in great details and decide in advance your menu and serving style, to ensure satisfaction. Very unique, tasty and beautifully presented, Yasko's soulful cuisine and outgoing personality will create a special and memorable party.

Maui Catering Sevices:

Chef Yasko’s speciality “Kaiseki Style Bento Box” is a precious authentic wooden Bento Box. As soon as you open it, your eyes feast on the array of foods within.

Please email Chez Klio for more details and browse our present, coming and previous class pages for images. Be sure to view throughout our website for more detailed information on our Cooking Classes Maui, Private Chef Maui and Catering Services.