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Sambal and Masala


I grew up in Japan, far from that world. Shichimi is our most common spice; a mix of black and white sesame seeds, chili powder, seaweed, sansho, poppy seeds and hemp seeds. Sansho is similar to Szechuan pepper and is also used alone, but both serve as garnishing and rarely to cook with. We also like curry, but ours is totally different from Indian's curries and comes as a “curry roux”, relatively mild in flavor. My taste for spice came from international travels over 30 years and it was high time I visited India, spice luminary!

May 2016, I landed in New Dehli, learned about Masala spice mix. Amazing foods! “Mushroom Patties” were just like spiced foie gras. “Masala vegetable soup” was vegetarian and I could not believe the taste of the broth without any animal stock! Many different Dal (lentil) dishes so rich and tasty…

Nevertheless the richness of Northern food may my stomach scream after a few days. Perhaps I could have eaten a fresh salad or simple vegetables without any spices between those heavy and salty meals. Would my stomach have accept more? But the fear of sickness from fresh produce held me back… In all reality, it was not so easy to be completely immersed in the Spice world.

I moved to Kochi in the South-West of India. A mix of wet monsoon and sea air… Banana, mango and coconut trees everywhere. Fish and shrimp on the markets. Suddenly I had my energy back! Shrimp curry, Mango curry, fish Masala, Beef curry (many Christians), Goat soup… Coconut milk and tamarind juice, ha! Familiar ingredients, simple but fresh tastes and subtle spicing.

Spices are still mysterious to me. They whet my appetite and I enjoy the flavors tremendously. But I also like a great variety of different flavors from different origins and I like frequent changes in tastes.

This course is about South Asian Cuisine, deeply influenced by cuisines of South India and also China. I tried to create more layers and complexity than in the original recipes. Also, I added a bit of Moroccan cuisine flavors, because they are also king of spices.

Looking forward to meeting with you in my kitchen in 2017!

Tuesdays and Fridays - January 1st to December 31, 2017
$120 / person

Thai Sambal:

Thai Eggplant with Beef Sambal
Thai Potato and Eggplant Sambal
Shrimp and Grass Noodle Salad
Larb Pork

Spicy Massaman:

Mussaman Dry Beef Curry
Karala Seafood Curry
Teriyaki Ahi Salad
Eggplant Caviar in Pani Puri

Singapore Sambal:

Bak Kut Teh
Yum Jin Gai Soup
Singapore Sambal Chicken
Singapore Meat Roll

Moroccan Preserved Lemons:

Preserved Lemon Chicken
Preserved Lemon Salmon with Noodle
Ahi Tartar
Spinach and Zucchini with Preserved Lemon

Indian Fusion:

Spiced Tea Mushroom Paella
Veg Jaipuri
Ahi Toro

I created the course for a balance of taste and timing. However you can request to switch the dishes from other courses. The first person that signs up for the class has priority in choosing the course.

Thai Sambal:

• Homemade Thai Sambal, Beef & Eggplant
Make sambal from scratch, Chinese cooking style


• Homemade Thai Sambal, Eggplant & Potato
Make sambal from scratch, cook with yogurt and Kalamata olives. Middle East flavors

• Shrimp and Glass Noodle Salad
Refreshment between heavy taste dishes, shrimp, pork, lime, fish sauce and glass noodles

• Larb Pork
From Northern Thai cuisine, pork belly, shallot, lemongrass, cilantro, lime juice

Spicy Massaman:

• Massaman Dry Beef Curry
Home made Massaman paste, influenced by rich South Indian Curry


• Kerala Seafood Curry
Taste of a small beautiful town in South India. Shrimp and squid or octopus (market availabilty)

• Teriyaki Ahi Salad
Marinated Ahi traditional Japanese style, served with fresh Kula greens, soft boiled eggs,
Lemon wasabi mayonnaise sauce

• Eggplant Caviar in Pani Puri
Cooked eggplant with lemon juice and Japanese sour plum. Served with an Indian snack Pani Puri

Singapore Sambal:

• Bak Kut Teh
Baby back ribs with mixed spices soup


• Yum Jim Gai Soup
Northern Thai style VERY spicy soup with grilled chicken

• Singapore Sambal Chicken
Homemade sambal, whole young chicken

• Singapore Meat Roll
Chinese influenced dish, minced pork and shrimp, rolled in a bean curd sheet.
Served with fragrant soy sauce and fresh chili

Moroccan Preserved Lemons:

• Preserved Lemon Chicken
Chicken stew with preserved lemons, spices and olives


• Salmon Rice Noodles with Preserved Lemon
Dry noodle with Moroccan spices

• Ahi Tartar
Fresh Ahi with chopped olive Tapenade, served with rice paper

• Spinach with Preserved Lemon Salad
Candied walnuts, fresh zucchini, extra virgin olive oil

Indian Fusion:

• Spiced Tea Paella with Mushrooms
Enjoy the sweetness from tea and umami of mushrooms

• VGE Jaipuri
Homemade cashew nuts masala and assorted vegetables

• Ahi Toro (if unavailable in market, pick Ahi dish from other course)
Seared local Ahi belly with spiced papaya sauce